We use Git to maintain our source code, in the GNOME Git repository. Additional information about is available at

glibmm and gtkmm are in the glibmm and gtkmm modules. There is also a gtkmm-documentation module which contains the gtkmm book and its examples. See below for instructions.

Meson is the recommended build system. If you build with Autotools (autoconf, automake,etc.), you will need to run the script to generate the build files. We recommend jhbuild or gnome-build-meta for setting up a separate development prefix.

익명 접근

그놈 로그인 계정이 없다면, 익명 가져오기 기능을 활용할 수 있습니다.

gtkmm 최신 버전을 가져오려면 다음 명령을 사용하십시오:

git clone

모듈 및 브랜치

We are synchronized with the GNOME release schedule, so we use standard GNOME branch names.

gtkmm, glibmm

구성 요소 버전 Git 모듈 브랜치 명칭
gtkmm-4.0 latest gtkmm master
gtkmm-4.0 4.10 gtkmm gtkmm-4-10
gtkmm-3.0 3.24 gtkmm gtkmm-3-24
glibmm-2.68 latest glibmm master
glibmm-2.68 2.76 glibmm glibmm-2-76
glibmm-2.4 2.66 glibmm glibmm-2-66