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This documentation is for the gtkmm-4.0 API, where nothing else is said. There is an older gtkmm API, called gtkmm-3.0, which can be installed in parallel. The gtkmm-3.0/gtkmm-4.0 names refer to the API/ABI series and not the release version. For instance, gtkmm 3.24.0 is a version of the gtkmm-3.0 API.

There are even older API versions, such as gtkmm-2.4. Those versions are no longer supported.

Dependencies of gtkmm-3.0 and gtkmm-4.0 are listed in a gtkmm-list post.

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You might start by reading the Programming with gtkmm online book.

Contents of the whole online book, gtkmm-3.0.

Contents of the whole online book, gtkmm-4.0.

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API reference documentation for other C++ modules, such as pangomm, gstreamermm, libgdamm, goocanvasmm, etc, is also available from the C++ Bindings section. However, this website is not updated any more.


Cualchi volte tu âs bisugne di viodi esemplis par capî cemût che al funzione alc. A son includûts tancj esemplis tal libri gtkmm, ma tu puedis ancje visualizâju in rêt: esemplis gtkmm