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Widgets disponibii

In addition to the wrappers distributed with gtkmm, additional widgets and libraries are available from other sources.

  • Plotmm plot widget for scientific applications
  • gstreamermm wrappers for gstreamer (streaming media)
  • VTEmm terminal widget
  • gtkextramm wrappers for GtkExtra (plot, sheet, etc)
  • cwchessboard C++ chess board tool set for gtkmm

struments gtkmm

  • Cambalache User Interface Designer for GTK. Cambalache UI files can be used from a gtkmm program by using Gtk::Builder.
  • Glade User Interface Designer for GTK3 has been replaced by Cambalache.

Aplicazions che a doprin gtkmm

Se dut il rest nol va, cualchi volte al è ben butâ un voli ai sorzints di altris progjets doprant il stes complès di struments.

Che a doprin gtkmm:

Che a doprin gtkmm 2.0/2.2: