You should use the binary packages provided for your operating system unless you wish to test the latest versions. However, source packages are available as well.

This page mentions gtkmm 4 binary packages. To find corresponding gtkmm 3 packages, in most cases just change 4 to 3.


You might find a variety of 3rd party RPMs and debs on the internet, but only the ones listed here are approved by the gtkmm team. Please encourage your Linux distribution to provide official gtkmm packages.

  • Debian GNU/Linux:
    apt-get install libgtkmm-4.0-dev
    Chestis pagjinis dal progjet a podaressin indicâ il stât.
  • Fedora/RedHat Linux: dopre
    yum install gtkmm4.0-devel
    par otignî i pachets di disvilup e esecuzion.
  • Gentoo Linux: oten dev-cpp/gtkmm.
  • SuSE Linux: dopre yast par instalâ gtkmm4-devel.
  • Ubuntu Linux:
    apt-get install libgtkmm-4.0-dev
  • Windows: chi al è un instaladôr.
  • SUN, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64 (gcc or the platform compilers): The Written Word offer binary gtkmm packages, with package management.

Conte a altris di nô.


Even-numbered versions (such as 4.8.x) are stable. Odd-numbered versions (such as 4.7.x) are unstable development versions.



Tu puedis discjamâ il codiç sorzint di GNOME e GTK di download.gnome.org/sources/.